McCain Photography | Your wedding . Our lens

 We love discovering life’s little wonders. each day we smile as we enjoy how life unfolds. Here’s where we share love, life & ideas

mccain pictures1.jpg

We strongly believe that everybody is beautiful on that day, and that why we love to be wedding photojournalist. There is no affectation, no reserve, just nature, happiness, and it is to be worth to collect for ever. We believe photographers who consider themselves “wedding photojournalists” should create and present work with minimal portraits and details. But photographers who primarily preoccupied with portraits and details are not wedding photojournalists. To record a wedding as to make a movie which haven’t second times to do, we try our best to find the best angle to get all the splendid moment, mysterious and noble. On that days in the future, we will be reading the wedding day, a lot of wishes and hopes, fresh and activity, an instant as eternity. Listen, let’s here our wedding vows.

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